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RHOC‘s Gretchen Rossi’s makeup-free photo receives nasty comments (PHOTO)

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi recently posted a #nomakeup selfie to Instagram and you’d think she’d just revealed that she actually has two heads. The reality star looks super different than she normally does in the grainy pic that she shared, but some of the comments she’s getting are just plain nuts.

While lying in bed on Wednesday night, Rossi posted the makeup-free photo, because why not, right? From the hashtags she included with the pic, though — #feelingblessed #lovemy4boys #grateful — it doesn’t seem like she thought she was doing anything that crazy. However, after seeing Rossi without her signature long lashes, eyeliner and frosty lips, people started freaking out, and — unsurprisingly — saying not very nice things to the reality star, as well as fighting among themselves in various comments sections. Oh, Internet. Didn’t your mom teach you to keep your keyboard shut if you don’t have anything nice to say?

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Here’s the photo Rossi posted. Does she look different? Yes. But should a photo like this incite such nasty things from people? No.

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Us Weekly spoke to the stunner about her “controversial decision,” and here’s what she had to say. “I don’t post those pics very often because people are so rude and condescending, especially because I am a true blonde. But when I get people commenting, saying, ‘Thank you for being real, and for being proud of who you are with or without makeup,’ it makes dealing with any negative comments worth it. My goal is to help inspire and uplift as many women as I can to be comfortable in their own skin.” Hashtag: #silverlining?

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Despite the fact that, like Rossi said, there are plenty of people who are praising her for posting a photo where she’s not all dolled up, there are the typical haters. In case you want to feel bad about the world, here’s a little sample of some of the remarks on Rossi’s Instagram and from various blogs.

gretchen rossi comment

Keep it classy, juicy_girl821.

gretchen rossi comment

Up your butt, tee_na.hairstyles.

gretchen rossi comment

Shut up, cmk796.

gretchen rossi comment

I said, shut up!

gretchen rossi

Bushy, you’re a Cabbage Patch doll. Also, you left out an apostrophe on “it’s.”

gretchen rossi

That’s good, Gina! I think that’s what Rossi was after when she posted this photo.

gretchen rossi comment

SheelaNaGig, you don’t sound very fun to be around. Starwatcher2014, don’t egg this person on.

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It’s unlikely that Rossi thought she was going to get the comments that she did when she posted this photo, because, wow, these are super rude. On the other hand, though, if she did, hat-tip to her for truly embodying the IDGAF motto.

If I’m being honest, I can’t say that I’ve always been a fan of Rossi’s — and this is going solely off of her Real Housewives shenanigans. She hasn’t always been the kindest or most couth of women on Bravo (as opposed to all of the other reality stars who are), but to take jabs like this because of her appearance is just plain rude — and it speaks volumes about these commenters.

Kudos to Rossi for posting a picture of herself where she wasn’t done up to the nines and looking absolutely perfect. It seems like life off of reality TV is doing her good.

gretchen rossi

Image: Wifflegif

Now if we could only get her to break up with Slade.

What do you think of Rossi’s no-makeup photo?

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