How Big Brother is The Godfather and Steve Moses is Michael Corleone

Sep 10, 2015 at 11:25 a.m. ET
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I wonder what will happen when Big Brother is over, and Steve reads everything we’ve been writing about him.

At first, I wasn’t worried, but after his latest rise to HOH power, I’m afraid I could wake up with a horse's head in my bed. Yes, as in The Godfather. It has come to my attention that Steve Moses might be Michael Corleone.

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Think about it. Initially, Michael, like Steve, sat back and didn’t really get involved. He was a bystander, a civilian and an odd bird who passively aligned himself with no one and everyone at the same time. Michael’s entire story line of The Godfather is about his reluctance to get blood on his hands, until he does. This, like Steve, leads him to distance himself until he can no longer deny that loyalty and responsibility trump passivity.

On day 79, Steve even admits this very thing to us in the diary room, “I’ve played a very passive and defensive game up to this point, but now that we’re [at] endgame you’re gonna see me change into an aggressive and offensive player.”

How Vanessa and Johnny Mac fit in

In The Godfather, Michael does the dirty work for his family by killing their enemies. Just like Steve, who has a secret alliance with Vanessa and Johnny Mac, compelling him to do their dirty work by finally breaking up the Austwins. This way, the Capos don’t have any blood on their hands, and it is Steve who will be targeted. Winning HOH meant he could now take the control he needed to tip the balance of power of the house in his favor, essentially making him the new Godfather.

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Steve may have spent the first few weeks in the house going virtually unnoticed, but now his famiglia needs him, and he seems up to the task; he just needs some guidance. That’s where Vanessa (Steve’s consigliere in this scenario) comes in by forcing his hand. And just like an adviser to the crime boss, it was she who taught Steve the ways of the assassin.

Vanessa directly influenced every eviction of each houseguest prior, and she won’t stop now. But her most aggressive move on her Don’s behalf was when she convinces Steve’s enemy, Julia, to pick her associate, Austin, to compete against in the veto competition (not to be confused with the other Vito). The only people Julia’s act of betrayal truly serves is the SteVanMac Mafia/alliance. Consigliere Vanessa is both the perfect teacher and the perfect puppet master.

Getting Austin out

Michael Corleone confers with his captains, and then he takes action. Steve Moses Corleone confers with Vanessa and Johnny Mac, who urge him to put up his biggest threat, Austin, for eviction with showmance girlfriend, Liz. But before dropping the bomb on Austin, Steve orchestrates the single most mad-crazy Michael Corleone move by pulling him aside to warn him of his impending doom. He uses similar verbiage to that famous Michael Corleone quote, “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”

After we watch Steve placate Austin, who vulnerably pleads, “My life is in your hands,” Steve encourages him to win veto, and tells him everything he wants to hear.

But then we cut to Steve in the diary room where he has a shit-eating grin on his face and says, “I’m just telling Austin everything he wants to hear right now. Him and Liz are my two big targets… this is one of those conversations you gotta have.”

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But then… in the ultimate Michael Corleone move, Steve rubs his hands together telling us, “You gotta make him feel nice and safe and comfortable… I’m very much looking forward to chopping his head off at the end of the week.” OK, maybe it’s not very Godfather-like to gloat, but the rest is straight out of the movie. Steve double deals. He calmly placates Austin and hears him out, and assures him that he’s safe as he plans his demise.

Just like when Michael assures Carlo he will not be killed, and instead, his punishment is exclusion from all family business. However, when Carlo gets into a car headed for the airport, he is immediately killed by capo Clemenza, on Michael's orders.

This is getting intense and completely unpredictable. But Steve has finally earned the respect of, arguably, the strongest player, Vanessa, and the most likable player, Johnny Mac. By doing so, he also earns our respect and admiration. As viewers, we really like this side of Steve, because it means that he may be growing a pair. Up until recently, he’s been losing favor among Big Brother fans:

Steve BB tweet

Steve BB tweet

Steve BB tweet

Steve BB tweet

The questions that remain: Who will betray Steve? Who will be his Fredo?