Chelsea Handler branded ‘not funny’ anymore over new underwear joke (PHOTO)

Let’s be honest, Chelsea Handler has some strange Instagram pics and poses, but this is one of the reasons why she is so endearing to her fans. She’s hilarious and honest, and most people appreciate this — but not everyone.

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Handler took to Instagram on Wednesday to post a picture of herself wearing a pair of granny panties over her normal pants while trying to climb into a bathtub. What was going through her mind at the time? We’re really not sure, but the picture has left many fans feeling uninspired, and they took to the comments section on the post to let Handler know.

“Does anyone think you’re funny anymore?” user misharp3443 wrote. And there are plenty who share similar sentiments.

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Oh, shit. I forgot this one

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Other comments include, “Was this suppose to be funny?,” “How many pics like this u gonna post?? Not funny anymore sweetie,” “Sigh. Just when I thought we were past this,” and “Watching this old lady waste her days in a drunken stupor is getting kind of silly.”

It’s clear the former Chelsea Lately host’s fans want her to come up with something a little more creative, but do you agree?

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Are Chelsea Handler’s jokes getting old now? Or is she as hilarious as ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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