Nikki Bella says she's successful because she's more than a pretty face

Sep 10, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. ET
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Nikki Bella is getting ready to make history.

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Her Monday title match against former NXT champion Charlotte will mean, whether she wins or loses, she ties the record for longest-reigning Divas Champion.

The reality star and champion wrestler sat down with WWE announcer Michael Cole to explain why she's so deserving of the title.

"It's been the best accomplishment in my life," she said. "There's nothing like when you have a dream and you can see it in your mind. And then it comes true and it comes to life. It gives me chills even talking about it. I feel as if I have trained eight years for the Olympics and I'm finally getting that gold medal. There's just so much that goes through my mind, my emotions. I just can't believe it's already here."

As for her upcoming fight against Charlotte? The Total Divas star revealed she's not nervous at all.

"Charlotte belongs in NXT," she said, adding that her opponent, who is the daughter of champion wrestler Ric Flair, doesn't belong in the same league as the Bellas.

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"I don't think she realizes how lucky she is, because what Charlotte doesn't realize is she has no idea how hard it is to be self-made," Bella, who worked her way up from hosting to actually competing in the ring, said. "I had to work from the ground up. I didn't have a famous father… I am the revolutionary. My story is revolutionary."

Bella and her sister, Brie Bella, are both moving on with their lives after launching their careers on Total Divas. But Nikki Bella explained how they left a lasting imprint on the show.

"Team Bella has been the forefront of this season's revolution and the revolution wouldn't have happened without the Bellas," she said. "I believe that it's my title reign that created this revolution because of your perception of Brie and I for so many years and how we worked so hard to improve in that ring. People wanted change and we were the change."

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