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Two of The Voice coaches are rebounding with each other

There’s no better way to get over someone than to get under someone else, the saying goes, and Gwen Stefani may have found the perfect rebound in The Voice costar Blake Shelton.

A source close to the show says that Stefani, who recently announced her split from rocker Gavin Rossdale, and Shelton, who divorced Miranda Lambert earlier this summer, have figured out that misery loves company and have become much more than each other’s shoulder to cry on.

They’re really into each other… let’s face it, they were both unhappily married when they met,” an insider told In Touch, according to Radar Online. “Now their divorce proceedings are something they can talk about and commiserate over.”

The source added that Shelton “used to flirt with all the cute girls, but not anymore. All that’s changed since they both got divorced… Blake and Gwen have a lot more in common than either of them thought.”

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Shelton apparently “is in awe of [Stefani’s] career, talent and business savvy” and, when combined with the way she dotes on her three children, sees “Gwen as the ultimate woman.”

“And she has been reveling in the attention,” the insider added. When they’re not together, Blake has been calling her, too. He’s even given her some small gifts.”

And, of course, this news has surely sent Lambert into a tailspin. “She’s always felt like she could never compete with Gwen — this is her worst nightmare,” the source revealed.

This seems like an incredibly unlikely couple to us, but stranger things have happened!

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