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Joe Giudice’s new reality show may reveal some shocking truths

If some new rumors are true, Joe Giudice’s starring turn on TV could be the final nail in the coffin for his reputation — and his marriage.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey husband is waiting his turn to go to prison and taking care of his children while wife Teresa Giudice does her time behind bars, but it doesn’t sound like he’s pining away for her in her absence. In fact, he may be finding solace in the arms of other women.

A source told The Real Mr. Housewife that Giudice was spotted on a boat at the Jersey Shore with his brother and a gaggle of women who were definitely not his family members.

Joe was not alone on the boat. He was with his brother and a few girls that they brought with them,” the insider said. “The women on the boat were not Joe’s girls or Joe’s brother’s family.”

The source stopped short of saying that anything inappropriate happened during the excursion.

In addition to the boating incident, Giudice has another mark against his character to contend with: his temper. A different source told Radar Online that Giudice is quick to anger, especially with his daughters, and his rage is being captured by cameras for his upcoming reality show.

In mid-August, police were called to the couple’s Jersey Shore home when Giudice was heard by neighbors screaming at daughter Gia after she was locked out of the house. Unfortunately, it sounds like that is not the exception but the rule.

He curses and yells at his daughters,” one source told Radar Online. “It’s just the way he speaks — and they are [often heard] crying because of it.”

One incident in particular was so bad that Teresa’s parents had to step in.

“Audriana, the youngest, was in the bathtub and the water overflowed and came through the light fixtures in the kitchen,” a source close to the family told Radar. “Teresa’s mother and father were there — and Joe noticed the water and started swearing and cursing like a crazy person.”

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“He went flying up the stairs, yelling, ‘Why isn’t Audriana monitored?'” the source said. “He was cursing out Gia, who was supposed to be watching Audriana, and he yelled at Audriana as well.

“The girls were crying because they were scared of their father, [so] Teresa’s mother ran up and grabbed Audriana and screamed, ‘She’s only a baby. She’s only a baby!'” the source claimed. “And Teresa’s dad scolded Joe and said, ‘I never swore or yelled like that in front of my children in my life.'”

Unfortunately, there is little Teresa can do about it from behind bars, so her hands are tied until her Christmas release.

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