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Kim Zolciak called out for having a deceivingly tiny waist (VIDEO)

Kim Zolciak is used to being around competition.

With a professional football player for a husband (and a house full of kids) I’m sure there is no lack of contests and opposition in her life.

And we get to see a little of her competitive side in the latest clip from her first rehearsals with her partner during this Dancing with the Stars clip.

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And while she looks great — especially if you throw in the fact that she has six children — fans are quick to point out that she doesn’t look exactly the same as in (most) of her Instagram and social media posts.

Her svelte frame seems just a bit bigger than her unbelievably skinny torso and thigh-gapped legs appear in her Instagram posts.

Even though she claims they are not touched up more than a filter here or there, fans are saying the proof is in the pudding. Her fans noticed that her figure in the video is not the same as the figure in her Instagram photos.

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One person commented on the Daily Mail’s article, “this article proves that all her pictures on instagram are fixed.”

Another stated, “She is nowhere as skinny as she wants us to believe. Busted.”

Yet one more wondered, “Hmmmm, what happened to that ‘tiny’ waist of hers? Can’t wait to hear her try to explain that.”

And as we said before, while she looks really good (even makeup-less and dare we say… wigless?), there is no hiding the proof that she might have fudged a fair share of her posts. And to that we say, either own up to it or just don’t do it. You look great, mama, and don’t need to do it in the first place.

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