Fans slam RHOC's Tamra Judge for her botched photo of Justin Timberlake

Sep 9, 2015 at 1:08 p.m. ET
Image: Brian To/

Tamra Judge attempted to enlist Justin Timberlake's help with her custody battle and the result was an embarrassing fail.

Judge took to Instagram to post a photo of Timberlake in what seems to be his outspoken support against parental alienation, which is the tactic Judge claims her ex-husband Simon Barney is using to gain full custody of their oldest daughter, Sidney.

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Parental alienation is a disorder that children from separated families can develop when one parent essentially brainwashes the child into vilifying the other parent, without any justification.


Now, there are a few very big things wrong with this photo, but let's start with the most obvious and the most damaging: This photo of Timberlake is photoshopped.

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And most likely photoshopped by Judge herself, since parental alienation isn't really an issue that's on many people's radar.

Here's the original photo for your reference, which shows Timberlake speaking out against human trafficking, not parental alienation.


The other big problem with this post is that Judge seems to be the only one in her custody battle case who thinks parental alienation is at play. And she's using it to create a smear campaign against her ex.

But the courts found that Barney was not guilty of parental alienation. And Judge's daughter Sidney even spoke in court to call her mother out on her slander.

The other big thing to note about this photo is that it seems unlikely that Judge posted this pic of Timberlake thinking that everyone would actually believe it was real. She was, no doubt, just trying to start a stir and keep the conversation about parental alienation going. Of course, we hope that's what she was thinking, because those photoshopping skills definitely aren't something to brag about.

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She's made no move to remove the post, even though she's getting a lot of heat for the fakery.

"Lmfao jt couldnt [sic] care less about your custody battles lmfao wow and just to let you know this picture is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smh" one commenter said.

Another added, "Maybe if you didn't act like such an embarrassment on the show he wouldn't say such things. You can't actually think you act classy & sophisticated on the show. Don't know many parents that say the nasty & vulger [sic] shit you do on TV. Sure she doesn't watch it on TV because she's not allowed, but I'm sure she sees it all over the Internet."

Do you think Tamra Judge is justified in her parental alienation claims?