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The Mindy Project‘s Hulu premiere proves Danny and Mindy belong together

It’s official: Danny and Mindy are destined to be together. Proof came from The Mindy Project‘s Season 4 premiere on Hulu. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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The real action begins when Mindy rolls over in the morning and finds a handsome stranger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in her bed. Of course, she exclaims, “Are you a hot home invader? Please don’t kill me!” We soon realize, though, she’s in some alternate universe after getting mad at Danny and wishing for an easier, happier life without him.

We’d all love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be our alternate-universe husband (assuming Jon Hamm is unavailable), but in this instance he’s playing a guy named Matt, a producer for the Real Housewives franchise. And the further we sink into their marriage and Mindy’s alternate life, the more we realize just how obvious it is that it’s Danny Mindy will always belong with in life.

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Danny makes Mindy go big

The first sign that things aren’t right in a world without Manny/Dindy came when Mindy got to work. Lahiri Fertility doesn’t even exist. Mindy is still schlepping it up at Shulman with all her old coworkers. Not that we don’t love Morgan and the gang, but it proves Mindy’s unhappy and living in her husband’s shadow instead of striking out on her own. Making matters worse, she visits Danny in his office, asks him to describe their relationship and learns that things are still frigid and tense.

Mindy softens Danny

Danny is surly and sulking and more mean to Morgan than ever before. Sure, it’s a little cheesy, but it makes complete sense. Morgan, no matter how slightly creepy or idiotic he can be, is Mindy’s most loyal friend. Over the last few seasons, we’ve slowly but surely witnessed Danny soften to Morgan. Without Danny’s ever-changing relationship with Mindy, he has no reason to be nice to the nurse practitioner.

Mindy is not a cheater

The further we dove into this different world, the more things seemed completely messed up. While at work, Mindy also learns she’s cheating on her super-hot home invader. When she finally comes clean to her hubby, she learns that they’re actually in an open relationship. And, no, having kids is not on the table in this version of Mindy’s life. In one fell swoop, Mindy goes from kooky but loyal to a cheater who’s too self-involved to want kids. It turns out Danny is better for her than she cared to admit while mad at him.

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They love each other, duh

Even in the alternate universe in Mindy’s dream, Mindy and Danny wind up together in the end. Sure, it takes them two more years. Yes, it changes their story. But Mindy still challenges him outside a restaurant and learns he almost came back and kissed her on the plane (where, in the alternate universe, she met her husband instead of hooking up with Danny). Soon enough, they’re kissing. In the rain. Even in Mindy’s crazy, mixed-up dream they end up together.

When Mindy wakes up and settles back into real life, she learns Danny has spent the last day or so with her parents in India. Despite an entire season of Danny saying he’ll never get married again. Despite an entire episode half-revolving around Danny wanting to tell Mindy’s parents he won’t marry their daughter. Despite all the history stacked up against him, he shows up with the rock Mindy has been waiting for, setting up Mindy Project fans for one seriously awesome Season 4.

What are you most excited to see on The Mindy Project now that it’s in Hulu’s hands: the baby or the wedding?

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