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New report about Josh Duggar paints him in a very unflattering light

If you think Josh Duggar deserves a second (or third) chance and that he is sorry for his past indiscretions, this new report may change your mind.

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The eldest son of the Duggar household is reportedly unrepentant about being unfaithful to his wife of six years, Anna.

A source close to the Duggar family revealed this to Entertainment Tonight, explaining that Josh has “no remorse. He is not the person everyone thought they knew.”

The family’s reputation took a tumble after Josh’s molestation scandal came to light earlier this year, but it appears he was not worried about being outed and even made a joke about the molestation allegations, the source said.

The source also went on to reveal that Josh had several social media profiles through Facebook, OKCupid and other sites, and that it would not be surprising if more mistresses came forward — one woman who has already detailed her experience with Duggar is stripper, Danica Dillon.

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So how did Anna react when she found out her husband had been unfaithful?

“Anna didn’t check up on Josh because she trusted him,” the source said. “When she found out about the cheating, she just cried.”

Regardless of Josh’s betrayal and his reported lack of remorse, family members are reportedly still encouraging Anna to forgive her husband, a topic the family’s pastor, Jeff Crawford, addressed during a recent Sunday church service.

According to Entertainment Tonight, an eyewitness referred to the sermon as “fiery” and said it touched on the topic of the “secret sin,” or pornography, as well as the message, “We’re for forgiveness. There is no judgment here.”

Do you think Josh Duggar has no remorse? Let us know your thoughts about this report in the comments below.

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