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Kourtney Kardashian harshly fat-shamed over new bikini picture (PHOTO)

Kourtney Kardashian’s recent Instagram pictures certainly suggest the single life is treating her well, but when she decided to post a photo of herself in an itsy-bitsy bikini on Tuesday, she received some surprising responses.

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Kardashian looks great, not to mention the fact that she is also a mom of three young kids, so we’re not surprised she took to social media to flaunt her curves while playing around with a tricycle.

She captioned the pic, “Happy Labor Day!wait, there’s no emoji for a tricycle with no handles?!” But critics have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts about the picture, and the response has been incredibly harsh with many fat-shaming the eldest Kardashian sibling.

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Comments include, “She is ridiculous,” “Ugly and fat,” and “Shes [sic] so fat.”

If these rude comments were not bad enough, Kardashian has also been accused of having plastic surgery, with one user writing, “You don’t have 3 kids and look like this everyone! Only plastic surgery can create this. It’s too bad that this is the expectation.”

Another user even went so far as to say she was glad Scott Disick cheated on the reality TV star because she treated him like “garbage.”

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“When you treat your boyfriend like garbage, don’t have sex with him let alone sleep in the same bed as him, you get cheated on. so idk [sic] why it’s such a surprise. Scott’s obviously going to find affection & attention elsewhere since his miserable annoying ex gf wouldn’t. I don’t blame him for cheating on kourtney,” she wrote.

Seriously, people, imagine if you put that much time and effort into doing something positive instead of hating on someone’s picture. Kourtney, we think you look amazing.

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