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7 Things to know about Chelsy Davy, the could-be next princess

Prince Harry might be getting ready to marry! Rumor has it he spent his summer in Africa reigniting the flames of passion with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy — but is she really ready to be a princess? Time will tell, but in the meantime, get to know the woman who is breaking the hearts of Harry Hunters everywhere.

1. She’s not British

Or, at least, she didn’t grow up there. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe on a huge estate to very wealthy parents and attended college in Cape Town, South Africa, although she did go to boarding school in the U.K.

2. She’s a lawyer

Davy began her law career as a trainee solicitor at the law firm Allen & Overy in London in 2011, but left in 2014 to pursue other interests after some said she found the work “balls-achingly boring.”

3. She’s been Harry’s girl for ages

Davy met Harry in 2004 when she was at British boarding school and they’ve been on-again, off-again ever since. She attended Prince William’s wedding to the former Kate Middleton at Harry’s side, but they broke up again shortly thereafter. He was soon linked to Cressida Bonas, but that fell apart, too.

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4. She’s not crazy about the idea of becoming royalty

One bone of contention in her relationship with Harry is what she will have to give up if the two wed — namely, a huge chunk of her privacy and her right to her own interests. She already has plenty of money and she enjoys something that the Duchess of Cambridge never will again: relative anonymity and the ability to go where she wants when she wants and do exactly and only what she wants. That would be impossible if she were to devote her life to royal service — a must if she were to marry Harry.

5. She’s from a very wealthy family

You may see Davy’s father described humbly as a safari farmer — and that may be technically correct — but Charles Davy is one of the largest private landowners in Zimbabwe and owned a huge big game hunting business.

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6. Her family business runs counter to Will and Harry’s pet project

Charles Davy earned the bulk of his fortune from his holdings in a big game hunting business, only selling his interest when he was placed under investigation for illegal currency dealing. However, Prince William and Prince Harry have both thrown their time and energy behind conservation in Africa, including curbing big game hunting. Harry spent the summer in Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana working to protect rhinos and elephants from poachers. Along with Will and Kate, he started the United For Wildlife organization, whose mission is to curb the illegal wildlife trade. Might make for awkward family barbecues.

7. She loves Facebook

Davy’s Facebook page is semi-public — you can see more than a few photos of her with friends and family, but none of Harry — and the press caught wind of the couple’s 2009 breakup when she changed her relationship status to “single.” That type of information is now hidden, but the glimpse into her life the photos give us sure is glam!

Bonus fact: She won’t actually be a princess

If Davy and the prince do actually wed, she won’t receive the title of princess. Like Kate Middleton, she would most likely be named a duchess, or possibly a countess. But in our book, if you’re married to a prince, you can call yourself whatever you want!

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