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The Mindy Project Season 4: 6 Changes to watch out for after move to Hulu

The Mindy Project is set to make its debut on Hulu this month and as star Mindy Kaling has confirmed, fans can expect a few important changes. With the show moving to its new home, here’s a look at what audiences should look out for in the upcoming Season 4.

1. Longer and looser episodes

While The Mindy Project will remain a workplace comedy, the switch from broadcast to streaming means that each installment can run a little longer. There also won’t be as much strict censoring. “We made a conscious effort to keep it similar in tone,” star and writer Ike Barinholtz said at the Television Critics Association panel in August. But Barinholtz also said that writers will have a “little more freedom” with content and language.

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2. A slight change in structure

The show will release weekly episodes, as on conventional TV, but fans can expect a slight structural change. Whereas Fox had a hard guideline about needing four acts per episode, Kaling says the show will now have three acts per installment.

3. More of the supporting cast

Moving to Hulu gives the show more flexibility with the episode running times — which also means that other characters besides Mindy Lahiri will get more time in the spotlight. “The thing that is sacrificed on our show is often the ensemble,” executive producer Matt Warburton said of the change. “The show can breathe a little bit more, especially with the great ensemble that we have.”

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4. New cast members

Season 4 will also include several new cast members to fill the void left by Peter (Adam Pally). Garrett Dillahunt will play a doctor who replaces Mindy at the practice while she’s on maternity leave. Meanwhile, comedian Fortune Feimster will recur as his sister, a nurse at the practice.

5. More guest stars

The fourth season is set to start off with a bang, featuring two well-known guest stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Freida Pinto. As Kaling herself revealed at the TCAs, the premiere is partially set in an alternate universe where Mindy imagines what would have happened if she had never fallen in love with Danny. In her imagination, she ends up with Gordon-Levitt’s character, who’s a reality TV producer. Meanwhile, Danny ends up with Pinto’s character.

6. A baby in the mix

Of course, one of the biggest changes coming to the show in Season 4 is that Mindy and Danny will officially be parents, although audiences reportedly won’t actually see the baby. While motherhood won’t come easy to Mindy, we will see a different side of her. “Her core personality traits are always going to be the same no matter what, but I think it will be interesting how she’s going to be such a devoted and fierce mother,” said Kaling. “We’ll see how her bad behavior comes out in ways that are in protection of her child.”

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The Mindy Project‘s fourth season will be available on Hulu on Sept. 15.

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