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Jessa Duggar steals wedding spotlight from Amy with never-before-seen photos

Weddings always make people starry-eyed thinking of their own big day.

And while most people don’t have national platforms on which to share those memories, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald does. Just days after her cousin, Amy Duggar, now Amy King, tied the knot, Seewald is sharing dozens of previously unseen photos from her own “I dos.”

Seewald is expecting her first baby with her husband Ben. The two tied the knot back in November of 2014. Her cousin exchanged vows with Dillon King in Bentonville, Arkansas, this past Sunday in a courtly chic soiree.

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The majority of the Duggar clan turned out for the affair, even recently embattled and now reclusive sister-in-law Anna Duggar, wife of now defamed Josh who admitted to molesting several of his sisters and being addicted to porn and extramarital affairs.

The family posted on their official Facebook page, “We all had such a wonderful time at Amy’s wedding. All of this excitement has caused Jessa to pull out her pictures from her wedding and post 100 of them on her website.”

Jessa Duggar wedding

Credit: Jessa Seewald’s Blog

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The cycle of drawing attention away from the couple of the day seems to be a pattern in the Duggar family. Just a few weeks ago, Jim Bob and Michelle talked more about their own day than they did the Bates (when they attended the nuptials of family friends the Bateses). And now Seewald is doing the same.

While her wedding was beautiful and it is nice to reminisce with such a wide-reaching network, it would have been nice to let Amy and Dillon have their time in the spotlight.

The Duggar fan base seems to agree as well. There are numerous comments saying the same. One person said, “I absolutely love the Duggars and miss their show. But this should be Amy’s weekend.”

Oddly enough, this comment currently has 666 likes, just an interesting and humorous point.

Almost all of the almost 300 comments say something along the same lines. Another Facebooker said, “What about Amy’s wedding?? It always has to be about one of your girls.”

“Why make this about YOU?!?!?!? THIS WAS AMY’S WEDDING!!! Post pictures of HER WEDDING!!!”

And while they might not be able to post photos of King’s wedding, because we don’t know what her wishes were (maybe she’s got some killer People magazine deal, who knows), it is a little off-color to distract from the bride and groom’s big day, especially after they had their own TV special pulled because of the drama surrounding the Duggars’ recent sex scandals.

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