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Nikki Bella questions her Divas Champion title: Could this be the end? (VIDEO)

Nikki Bella reveals she might quit the Divas before she can reach the achievement of longest Divas Champion reign in WWE history.

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In a new clip from Total Divas, Bella opens up about the pressures of being the Divas Champion and admits she isn’t sure if she’s cut out for it much longer.

Bella opens up to WWE executive Mark Carrano, explaining, “It’s just so tough because I feel like we just came back from the tour. It just feels like the past year and a half, I’m never home. It’s almost like crazy, like finally when you get to the point where you wanna be the Divas Champion and I’m not like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ We have all these appearance on the off days and I feel like I’m breaking. Today it was even hard just walking in here. I feel like it affects my relationship, I never see my family.”

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Nikki’s sister Brie Bella is, of course, her counterpart in the WWE ring. And it was just announced last week that the Bella Twins’ mom is engaged to WWE bigwig Johnny Ace. Nikki is also dating WWE superstar John Cena. So it’s no doubt that her family is supportive of her time away, but it’s clearly taking its toll.

According to Sports World News, Bella is just six days away from tying AJ Lee for the longest WWE Divas Championship reign in history. No doubt, she’ll reach that milestone. But how long her reign will last after that is unclear. It sounds like if Bella has any say in it — which she obviously does — it won’t be for much longer. Especially given that Carrano makes clear in the clip that the stress comes with the job Bella signed up for.

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Check out the clip from Total Divas below.

Are you surprised Nikki Bella isn’t loving her Divas Championship reign?

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