Paula Deen tries to play up her sex appeal in DWTS promos (VIDEO)

Sep 8, 2015 at 3:45 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Paula Deen's new Dancing with the Stars promos are cringe-worthy, and not because of her dancing skills.

Rather, Deen is playing up all the wrong attributes and the result is just that she seems to be trying way too hard.

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Her over-the-top Southern charm does nothing to win back America's approval after all of her racism scandals over the past few years, which we all know is the reason behind her joining the dancing show.

In the video, she meets her new partner Louis van Amstel for the first time, and instead of just giving him a friendly hug says, "Put your head on mommy's bosom," and pulls his face into his chest.

Luckily, van Amstel takes it in stride, joking, "Nice and soft," while the rest of us watch in horror.


Things only get worse from there.

In the next video, Deen feeds van Amstel in slow motion.


Anyone else think this might be the first time a contestant doesn't lose weight and a dancer gains some pounds? Van Amstel had better watch out and not overindulge in Deen's mad cooking skills.

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And finally, in the only video the show should have stuck with, Deen whips and Nae Naes with a whisk and a bowl. It's definitely the most clever of the promos and showcases Deen having fun without trying to make herself seem like she's trying way too hard.


Now that's a video that makes us want to watch Dancing with the Stars Season 21.

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We're just going to block the other ones from our memory.

Do you think Paula Deen can reboot her reputation this season on Dancing with the Stars?

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