15 Things we learned about Maisie Williams on her new YouTube channel (VIDEO)

Sep 8, 2015 at 6:27 p.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

Maisie Williams just launched her personal YouTube channel — and we're already obsessed.

The Game of Thrones actress spent her first video answering fan questions, including some amazing tidbits about the show and her personal life.

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Warning: There are some Game of Thrones spoilers from last season in there, so watch and read at your own discretion if you aren't caught up.

1. Game of Thrones makes her cry, too

Williams said that she thought the part when Ygritte died saying "You know nothing, Jon Snow" made her cry the most. And her impression is actually spot-on.

2. She makes embarrassing mistakes like a normal human

Williams said she recently met with a casting director for coffee and "[she] left without even offering to pay."

"That's so bad!" fellow Game of Thrones star and Williams' BFF Sophie Turner says from off-camera.

"I'm so embarrassed!" Williams said of the spacey moment.

3. Sophie Turner makes a fun little cameo

Not only do you hear Turner's voice, you also get to glimpse her adorable face. She pops in to describe her personal scent as "heavenly," after a fan asks Williams to describe what Turner smells like.

4. Caspar Lee inspired her channel

"I get along well with Caspar," Williams said of the YouTube star. "He is the main reason why I decided to make a YouTube channel. So thank you for that and thank you for showing me the ropes."

5. She has a boyfriend

"Yes, I do," Williams confirmed when she was asked if she had a boyfriend. "And that's all we'll say about that."

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6. Her friendships changed when she became famous

"I think I've just grown to realize that it's about quality and not quantity," Williams said of her post-fame friendships.

7. She's not afraid to spoil Game of Thrones

One fan wanted to know how bad the contacts were that made her look blind at the end of Season 5, but rather than answer the question about the contacts, Williams just says, "I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't watched it, but my character goes blind at the end of Season 5."

After a long pause, she adds, "Sorry."

8. She loves Shark Week

Williams said her favorite place to watch TV is at her mom's home with her siblings, especially when it's Shark Week. "Then I love watching TV," Williams explains.

9. She has a hilarious nickname

"When I was little everyone used to call me Green Giant because I'm 5'1"," Williams said, clearly unimpressed with the name as she rolls her eyes and adds, "Stupid."

10. She has discovered the perfect pebble

"I was on a pebbly beach in the U.K. and I was walking with my mom, I was about 3 or 4. And I found a pebble that was the perfect pebble. I don't know what criteria goes into making the perfect pebble, but it was in my opinion."

But at the end of their long walk, after carrying the pebble the entire way, she accidentally dropped it.

"My little lip was going," Williams explained, but it was Mom to the rescue. She "grabbed a pebble off the floor and was like, 'Look, I found it!' And to this day I know that it wasn't the same pebble but I respect her for trying. And, ya, thank you, Mom."

11. Her biggest pet peeve is totally understandable

Williams said she hates "people who ask for your advice and then ignore you."

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The actress then launches into a series of fun and random either-or questions.

12. Dancing or singing?

Dancing. And she flaunts her moves to prove it.

13. Truth or dare?

Dare. And she answers with such a devilish look in her eyes.

14. Bagels or muffins?

Bagels! That one deserved an exclamation mark because she definitely doesn't hesitate.

15. Freckles or dimples?

Dimples. Williams points out her own dimple on her right cheek.

Check out Williams' entire YouTube video below.


Which fact about the young star surprises you the most?