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7 Spoilers from the Finding Carter Season 2B trailer (VIDEO)

Finding Carter surely never fails in providing all kinds of drama, love triangles and tension-filled relationships. Ever since Season 2A’s finale in June, fans have been waiting impatiently for answers to that huge bombshell dropped, aka that David Wilson and Lori Stevens have a son together. Or, so it seems. Thankfully, this Season 2B trailer is giving away some answers and juicy spoilers to hold fans over until the show returns in October.

As you can watch for yourself below, relationships are changing. David and Lori’s alleged son Ben is causing all kinds of havoc within the family, a Twilight actor might have eyes for Carter and Lori’s future seems to be determined, among much, much more.

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With that said, here are seven spoilers from the exciting trailer.

1. The new brother

Ben (played by Ben Winchell) isn’t going away anytime soon. He appears to be a main character throughout the second half of Season 2 and somewhat of a troublemaker. Not only does it look like Carter is trying to get to know her brother, but he looks like he’s involved in all kinds of trouble. Even Crash warns Carter to stay away from Ben because he’s bad news. However, that doesn’t seem to stop Carter. As for David, there isn’t too much focus on his relationship with his supposed son, but the two do finally meet.

2. Crash and Carter’s romance

Even though Crash enlisted, he and Carter appear to be trying to make their long-distance relationship work. The trailer shows some hot and heavy moments between the two, but that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows for them. As mentioned above, Crash isn’t keen on Ben and is seemingly trying to protect Carter from Ben. I mean, can you blame him? Carter asks Ben, “How could you sit there and tell stories, and then steal from my dad?” To which, Ben replies, “Screw you.”

3. A Taylor, Max and Gabe love triangle

Max and Taylor sure haven’t had an easy relationship, but it seemed like Maxlor finally found their way back to each other during the Season 2A finale. With that said, the trailer seems to be teasing that Taylor and Gabe might have feelings for each other. Max even asks Taylor, “Do you think that he might have feelings for you?” Taylor doesn’t think so, but when Max says, “Dude, she loves you. She cares about you,” to what appears to be Gabe, well, there just might be more between Gabe and Taylor than a close friendship. If you recall, when Finding Carter first started, Taylor had a huge crush on Gabe. Hmm… will these two get together? If so, Maxlor fans are going to be heartbroken — again.

4. Lori’s “normal” life

Remember how Lori was trying to get custody of Carter all while working out her issues in a mental facility? Based on the trailer, it seems Lori is out and about living a “normal” life with Ben. They even appear to be in the same town as Carter, Taylor, Grant, David and Elizabeth. You didn’t think Lori was going to give up that easily, did you?

5. Carter’s future

Carter is so over high school and ready to drop out. Yep, she doesn’t want to be in school anymore. Actually, she starts working at a bar, but it looks like Carter is lying to Elizabeth about it. She even lies to Elizabeth and says she’s going to a study group to prevent her from failing out of high school. Uh-oh. This new secret isn’t going to end well.

6. A Twilight guest star

It’s no secret that Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone is joining Finding Carter. As previously reported, he’s playing the recurring character of Jared, who is business savvy and becomes attracted to Carter. The problem? Carter is underage. Fans get their first glimpse of him in this trailer, but as for if anything happens between the two, well, that remains unseen.

7. Lori and Carter’s complicated relationship

Surprise, surprise. Carter can’t escape Lori, and their relationship looks like it’s becoming even more complicated and strained.

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With that said, check out the new trailer, stat.

Finding Carter returns on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 10/9c on MTV.

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