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RHOC fans bash Brooks for his behavior while battling cancer

Brooks Ayers and his questionable cancer treatment plan have everyone on The Real Housewives of Orange County talking, including Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana. When the former oncology nurse and current Brooks hater pointed to Ayers’ activities as “evidence” of more shadiness, fans started taking even more notice. But is Briana right? Do fun times and trips equal a phony diagnosis?

She’s the “realist” of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she’s not even an official cast member. So when Briana Culberson talks, we listen. And because of her mother’s demands to stop filming in the latest episode of the show, listening was all viewers could do.

The cameras may have left Culberson’s house out of respect for the “OG,” but thankfully, the reality TV veteran was so incensed, she forgot that she and her daughter were still mic’d.

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The conversation started as a simple invite from Gunvalson for her daughter and grandsons to come spend some time with “Nana” in the OC. But things got heated when Briana said she and her family would stay at a hotel, rather than having Brooks leave Vicki’s home, where he’s taken residence.

Briana’s made it clear long before Cancergate that she wasn’t going to spend time anywhere near Brooks, but claimed that wasn’t the only reason she had planned on heading to a hotel. She says she was being respectful by not having him leave his home, noting that he shouldn’t be traveling in his condition anyway.

Because she’s usually the voice of reason and has a little medical experience to back it up, and back it up real quick (a shout-out to RHONY‘s Dorinda Medley), fans of the Bravo reality TV show took note, either adding Briana’s skepticism to the long list of accusations against Ayers, or coming out in support of both Vicki and Brooks, and giving his cancer claims a little credibility.

Regardless of what anyone else has to say about the situation, Briana saw Gunvalson’s gift of a car as more of a bribe to keep her quiet. Why? When the cameras had her back in the spotlight, Culberson said Vicki’s volcanic eruption and request for everyone to stop recording was all about protecting Brooks’ image; explaining that — in her opinion — her mother didn’t want viewers to hear her say that she’d stay at a hotel to be away from Ayers.

Longtime fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County know that Vicki somehow finds several reasons to give her daughter a new car. But we also know that Gunvalson will also give up just about everything to protect her guy.

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Briana Argues About Brooks

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Since it doesn’t look like Vicki or Brooks are about to go the Jim Edmonds route and just get the medical records so everybody can “zip it,” the more Brooks whoops it up, or shows up to any event looking anything other than sickly, the more feuds with family and friends the couple has in store. Which happens to be the case in next week’s episode.

She’s been surprisingly supportive of Brooks all season (to Vicki’s face anyway), but when Tamra hears that he’s been saying bad things about her, the “Jesus freak” freaks out on Ayers, coming down on him so hard that we just know she’s gonna have to go straight to her “pasture” to pray for forgiveness afterward.

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Do you agree with Briana’s suspicion that the fact Brooks is still traveling — for business or otherwise — is more proof that he doesn’t have cancer?

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