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Sister Wives‘ Meri Brown reveals how she really feels about Robyn

Preach, girl.

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There have long been rumors that Sister Wives‘ Meri Brown doesn’t care for Robyn, the newest wife in the plural family featured on the hit TLC reality series.

But now, Meri is taking to Twitter to clear the air.

“Addressing negativity is not something I make a habit of doing on social media, but with the backlash that some of our family is currently receiving, I have chosen to speak up,” she wrote in a long rant posted to her Twitter page over the weekend.

She continued, “Regarding all the comments about how the show was so much better before Robyn came along, I would like to remind you that there was never an episode without her. Our very first episode introduced her, the same as it introduced all of us. Sure, that first season did show struggles that Janelle, Christine and I had as we welcomed Robyn and her 3 kids into the family and became a blended plural family. Any blended family struggles to figure out their new normal. Any plural family struggles when a new wife enters the family, as the existing wife or wives deal with possible jealousy and insecurities, and the wife coming in deals with figuring out how to fit into an already established family.”

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She goes on to say she and Kody Brown’s other wives, Janelle and Christine, experienced similar questions and issues, but the cameras weren’t around to document them yet.

“However, those emotions did not diminish the feelings of love we had for Robyn and her kids, or change any desire we had in wanting her to join our family,” Meri continued. “I know without a doubt that Janelle and Christine would agree with me on this. We all love her and welcomed her with open arms.”

Rumors about bad blood between Meri and Robyn have been especially persistent since it was revealed that Kody, the women’s husband, had legally divorced Meri in order to legally wed Robyn. In the family’s arrangement, laws only allow Kody to be married to one woman; they say he is “spiritually wed” to the others. He had been married to Meri, his first wife, until his attempts to gain custody of Robyn’s children from a previous marriage forced him to legally marry her.

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Do you believe Meri’s Twitter rant? Or do you think she’s harboring some jealousy over Kody’s legal marriage to Robyn? Head down to the comments and let us know what you think.

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