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Fans think the Duggars are using church sermon to get attention

The Duggars attended a church sermon on pornography amid Josh Duggar’s newest scandal. But fans think it’s just another ploy.

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Entertainment Tonight describes the sermon by Pastor Jeff Crawford of Cross Church as fiery and intense. It also seemed to be especially directed at the Duggars.

“I know there are some folks in here today — pornography is a deal in your life,” the pastor reported told the congregation.

In case you missed it, following Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, it was discovered that he was also a member of Ashley Madison and had been using the site to cheat on his wife. He also admitted to a pornography addiction.

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But despite the pointed sermon, the family seemed to really appreciate the message. Jill Dillard (formerly Duggar) even posted about the message on her Instagram.
She captioned the post, “So grateful to our church for their prayers and support today during the service @crosschurch Keep up to date with our family ministry and look for a new update coming soon to our website:”

And while the Duggar family may have really gotten something special out of the sermon, fans are calling them out yet again for just trying to keep themselves in the spotlight with the pointed discussion.

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“How fitting….taking centre [sic] stage using personal family tribulations for more attention. Take down your cult filters; open your minds and lives to reality; putting filters on adult viewing doesn’t cure the curiosity or addiction; it only suppresses the desires,” one commenter said on Us Weekly‘s article.

Another added, “This family has no shame at all, Duggars center stage receiving praise for their ‘mission work,’ I guess Mr. Pastor is trying to cash in on the Duggar name as well. A bunch of greedy vile people!”

Do you think the sermon on pornography was just another ploy for the Duggars to get attention?

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