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Bachelor in Paradise: The fate of Ashley I.’s virginity is finally revealed

Jared and Ashley I. had a fantasy suite date on last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise and we can all agree it was magical. But not because it was romantic.

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In fact, it was the exact opposite. It was so awkward and forced that Jared immediately ended the relationship the following morning.

Oh, and Ashley I. is for sure still holding her V card, much to the chagrin of everyone else in the house.

“Ashley I. is a notorious virgin. Just for drama’s sake, it would really be fitting if Jared took Ashley I.’s virginity,” Tanner said in the episode.

But it’s actually even better that the two didn’t do the deed. For Ashley I.’s sake and for the sake of some good television drama, the fact that their night was anything but romantic was best for everyone involved.

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It’s hard not to feel bad for Ashley I. But it’s also hard not to know this was absolutely coming. She was trying way too hard to force the relationship. Doesn’t every girl know by now that offering up sex is never the way to force a guy to be with you? Luckily, Jared is a gentleman and wasn’t going to just hit it and quit it.

If anything, last night just made Jared that much more appealing.

We get it, Ashley I.

Unfortunately, he’s just so clearly not the one for her. And she’s just got to let it go.

It’s clear from her words she’s really intent on holding on as hard and as long as she can. “I didn’t think I was going to find anyone here,” she bawled to the camera. “I don’t think another one like him exists.”

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Ashley I. wasn’t the only lady left in tears during last night’s episode. Mikey surprised everyone and broke up with Juelia. And then, most shockingly, Kirk ended things with Carly.

Paradise is officially over.

Which couple were you most surprised to see end last night?

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