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The Queen points out Downton Abbey mistakes because she can

It’s official: the Queen likes a bit of Downton Abbey on a Sunday evening and she watches it with a keener eye than most.

Talking to People magazine Brian Hoey, who wrote At Home with the Queen, revealed that Her Majesty “loves to pick out the mistakes” when watching the hit ITV drama.

“They do tend to get it right,” Hoey said. “However, the Queen did notice on one episode that there was a young so-called British officer wearing medals which had not been awarded when he was supposed to be alive. He was fighting in the First World War and the medals on his chest did not come in until the Second World War.”

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The Downton Abbey producers consult with Alastair Bruce (a.k.a. Alastair Andrew Bernard Bruce of Crionaich and known by the show’s cast as the “Oracle”) to make sure they get all the historical details right. However it seems nothing gets past our monarch, who knows the show’s location Highclere Castle very well.

On Sept. 9 the Queen will become the longest-reigning monarch in British history, surpassing Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years and 216 days. Perhaps she’ll celebrate with a Downton Abbey catch-up before the new series begins?

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The final series of Downton Abbey begins on ITV on Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. The trailer promises a time of change as the characters begin to see the late 1920s as the “end of an era” — and the same goes for the millions of loyal fans across the world, royals and normal folk alike.

Video credit: ITV/YouTube

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