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Bravo leaves fans irate with Kim Zolciak’s, Caroline Manzo’s shows

The viewers of Don’t Be Tardy and Manzod With Children have spoken, begging Bravo to cross the “crossover” concept off the idea board until they’re ready to do it right.

Two red Solo cup families who are “thick as thieves,” what could be better than putting them together, right? Well, that may have been what the folks at Bravo had in mind when developing the Don’t Be Tardy, Manzod With Children crossover event, but fans of both shows immediately found the whole crossover concept, well — uneventful. Because technically it’s not a “crossover” unless they’re all filming together; and beyond the family bonds and their choice in beverage holders, there’s not much more that Caroline Manzo and Kim Zolciak’s crews have in common.

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Don’t Be Tardy

Yes, they all loved KJ Biermann’s F-bomb in the first 30 seconds of Don’t Be Tardy (he did say, “please”), but, wait — wasn’t that last week’s episode?

Call that letdown No. 1. Unless you were watching closely those 100 times the promo for the crossover was run — as it appears most viewers weren’t — you would’ve thought that it was an actual new episode. Again, because that’s what you’d expect when you find out there’s going to be a “crossover” between two shows. Otherwise, fans would’ve known ahead of time was that they’d essentially be tuning in to a Bravolebrity version of The People’s Couch.

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Rerun or not, what got fans really fuming was all of the sound dubbing that was done to allow for the commentary.

If only for the sheer expectation of shock value, because, you know, it is Kim Zolciak, Don’t Be Tardy fans stayed put to watch Kim, her red Solo cup, and daughter Brielle Biermann offer their colorful commentary on Manzod With Children.

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Manzod With Children

Those first-timers were less than entertained by the show; likely because they’re accustomed to all of Kim and Kroy’s chaos, that requires a sophisticated system of security cameras along with Bravo’s own camera crew to keep tabs on the couple’s six kids. Viewers who spend every Sunday night with Mama Manzo, however, weren’t all too pleased with seeing the RHOA alum on their screens, taking selfies as soon as the episode started.

The two were definitely making their presence known. And they had a lot to say — about everything. Everything except for what was going on during the show. Somehow Kim and Brielle masterfully turned every scene on Manzod into something about Kim and Brielle. But, in their defense, maybe they saw it last week, too, and weren’t interested in the rerun.

Overall, viewers felt the “event” was a bit of an oversell on Bravo’s part, with begging, pleading and threats of flogging for them to ditch the idea altogether. Unless, of course, both families would be up for a real crossover and maybe added in extra features like live tweets.

But don’t worry, whether you’re a fan of Don’t Be Tardy, Manzod With Children, or both, Bravo promises all new episodes next week. Commentary not included!

Did you watch the Don’t Be Tardy, Manzod With Children crossover? What do you think Bravo could have done better?

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