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12 Questions with Lo Bosworth on stereotypes & dreams

Growing up on Laguna Beach had its struggles, but Lo Bosworth has managed to find her way in this crazy world without a reality TV career. Recently, we caught up with the now-fashion designer and author to get an update on everything she’s got going on.

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1. What struggles have you encountered being a woman in the entrepreneurial world?

My background is not in finance or tech, so overcoming that barrier hasn’t been easy, but it is doable.

2. What stereotypes or obstacles have you had to overcome during your career so far?

More than anything else, I’ve had to overcome the stereotype that I’ve never had to put in a hard day’s work. It really bums me out!

3. How empowered/comfortable do you feel speaking up if something is bothering you?

Quite confident at this point in my life — I’ve faced a lot of adversity and judgment, and learned that the best way to deal with it is head-on.

4. What are your opinions on the pressure society puts on women to get married, have kids? Have you experienced that pressure at all?

I suppose I’ve always wanted to have children and have a partner so no, I don’t necessarily feel that pressure.

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5. The time between 25 and 30 years old is a huge transitional period, especially for women, where we’re really learning who we are and what we want. What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had or lesson you’ve learned so far in your later 20s?

More than anything, I’ve learned that this period of time is the best time to get comfy with who you are. I’ve loved it!

6. What’s one cause or movement you feel very passionate about?

I’m an avid supporter of the ASPCA. Love the dogs.

7. How have your beliefs and values changed over the last decade?

My experiences have confirmed that more than anything, kindness, love and honesty prevail over everything else. I took on those qualities at a young age and haven’t changed much.

8. How do you feel the media portrays women in reality TV shows such as The Bachelorette, Real Housewives, etc.?

I think there is a stigma out there, absolutely. It’s understandably difficult for people to see beyond the cutting room floor, but disappointing. All of these women have qualities and experiences I’m sure they’d love to share with the world.

9. Puberty: hard, or a piece of cake?

Hard for me — I was a very, very late bloomer and thought there may have been something wrong with me for years, ha!

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10. What projects are you working on now?

I’ve loved working with Stella Artois on their Host Beautifully campaign to share my hosting and lifestyle tips. You’ll soon see me in a new digital project online covering the hottest Internet lifestyle trends, and I’m about to continue my education and passion for food even further beyond studying at the French Culinary Institute — I’m getting my certificate of graduate studies in nutrition from Tufts University!

11. What’s your ultimate dream?

To be happy, not worry about how I’m going to pay the rent and have my man close to me.

12. How do you stay happy and inspired every day?

I exercise always, eat healthy frequently and enjoy time with my friends!

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