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Supernatural speculation: Who will and won’t return in Season 11?

Ever since The Darkness was unleashed during Supernatural Season 10, many fans have been wondering what’s ahead for Season 11. Well, it’s been reported by many outlets that The Darkness will also bring back some familiar faces. As ominous as The Darkness is, that sounds like some pretty great news.

While chatting with TVLine, executive producer Jeremy Carver talked about The Darkness and how it will hugely affect Sam and Dean. “As responsible as the boys feel for having released The Darkness and how much they personally want to defeat it, they’re not going to be able to do it alone,” he said. “They’re going to have to confront some figures from their past. They’re going to have to make some unexpected and unholy alliances involving folks from their past, which will have personal ramifications as well. Because these are some pretty significant figures from their past.”

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Anyone else both terrified and excited? First, I’m all about fan favorites returning to Supernatural. However, when it comes to Sam and Dean making deals with the devil, so to speak, well, fans of the series know how that usually goes.

With that said, who do you think will and won’t return? Seeing as it’s called “The Darkness,” this probably means some of the darker and more evil characters who have appeared throughout the series may return. Don’t take my word for it, but that’s just my guess, especially since Carver said Sam and Dean will make “unholy alliances.” Also, the returning faces are “significant figures” from the brothers’ past, which means characters who most likely appeared in more than episode. There are a ton of options, so let’s take a closer look.

Most likely to return

Lucifer, played by Mark Pellegrino


Image: The CW

If Lucifer doesn’t return, I might throw a fit. Pellegrino played this character spectacularly, which is one of many reasons why I hope he comes back. Who better to make an “unholy alliance” with the Winchesters than Lucifer himself? He definitely put Sam and Dean through hell, so I’d say his chances of popping up are pretty good. Plus, here’s what Jared Padalecki told Entertainment Weekly: “I think [The Darkness] certainly opens the door for Lucifer and/or God to pop up. We’re certainly going back to that and going a bit more biblical and having our take on the writings that didn’t make it into the Bible.”

John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

John Winchester

Image: The CW

Ever since John Winchester gave up his own life to save Dean and went to Hell, where did his spirit go? Did he go back to Hell? Did he go to Heaven? Who knows, but The Darkness could easily bring back Papa Winchester — and maybe as a darker figure. Plus, Morgan really wants to return. As he told TVLine, “I would absolutely love to come back.” Well, let’s hope he can clear his schedule.

Ruby, played by Genevieve Padalecki, née Cortese


Image: The CW

How great would it be for Ruby to pop up in Season 11? Not only would Padalecki get to play alongside his wife again, but watching Dean have to possibly work with the demon who persuaded his own brother to turn against him, all while being responsible for starting the apocalypse, well, that’d be fantastic.

Meg, played by Rachel Miner


Image: The CW

Anyone else miss Meg? What about her scenes with Castiel? Before her death, she ended somewhat on good terms with the Winchesters. With that said, I’d love to see her work alongside Sam, Dean and Cas once again.

Samuel, played by Mitch Pileggi


Image: The CW

Based on this photo shared from the Season 11 set, well, there seems to be a very good chance Grandpa Winchester could be seen again.

Azazel or Yellow Eyes, played by Fredric Lehne


Image: The CW

Azazel, formerly Yellow Eyes, has to return, right? Supernatural all started with his demonic presence. So, it only makes sense that the demon who killed Mary Winchester and Sam’s love Jessica would be brought back with The Darkness, right?

Who probably won’t return

Abaddon, played by Alaina Huffman


Image: The CW

As much as I’d like to see Huffman kick butt again as a Knight of Hell, I think there’s a very slim chance we’ll see her wreak havoc on Sam and Dean’s lives. But, hey, don’t quote me.

Zachariah, played by Kurt Fuller


Image: The CW

Oh, Zachariah. He was a true evil angel, all about the apocalypse and getting Dean to officially become the Michael sword. But I just really hope he doesn’t return, because he was one villain who really got under my skin.

Bela, played by Lauren Cohan


Image: The CW

Bela, Bela, Bela. She could easily return, especially since she made that deal with the Crossroads Demon, but I’d rather see the others mentioned above return over her.

Dick Roman, played by James Patrick Stuart

Dick Roman

Image: The CW

Let’s just hope we don’t see this Big Bad Leviathan again, because not only was he horrible, he killed Bobby!

Adam, played by Jake Abel


Image: The CW

Adam, or should I say the second Michael sword? I doubt we’ll see Sam and Dean’s half-brother anytime soon, but if Lucifer gets out of the pit, then does that mean Adam/Michael will escape it, too?

Benny, played by Ty Olsson


Image: The CW

Did anyone else adore Benny? I was thrilled to see that guest appearance from him during Season 10. With that said, seeing as Sam and Dean might be aligning themselves with characters who aren’t really friends, this probably won’t include Benny. After all, he and Dean were besties. Sadly, Benny will probably remain in Purgatory.

With that said, let’s also hope Bobby and Chuck find their way back to a few Season 11 episodes, because I need them back in my life, stat.

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Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 9/8c on The CW.

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