Jennifer Aniston's critics take weight gain rumors way too far (PHOTOS)

Sep 4, 2015 at 12:19 p.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/

Jennifer Aniston has been attacked for outrageous weight gain rumors following her honeymoon.

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Some photos have surfaced of the actress running in Atlanta, where she has returned to work on her latest film Mother's Day. And they clearly took the most unflattering snapshots out of the bunch to start some pretty vicious rumors.


All these photos prove is that Aniston is staying fit and, oh ya, she's human, so it's possible to catch her at an unflattering angle. If that makes you "fat," then the rest of us "normal" people are, excuse me, screwed.

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You can clearly see her defined calf muscle in the photo, proving she hasn't lost her tone. Her Lululemon shirt is also super loose and baggy around her small midsection. There isn't a roll in sight, people!

The newlywed was also rocking some seriously glowing skin, probably thanks to all that honeymoon sun in Bora Bora with her now-hubby Justin Theroux. She even appears to be makeup-free and flawless.

Now that we've clearly established the fact that Aniston's body is just as fit as ever, let's talk about how pathetic and debasing it is to nitpick at her frame. Girl has a right to gain a few pounds every now and then! Do you have any idea how hard it is to maintain that "Hollywood figure"? If she wants to eat a burger and fries every once in a while, she should get to do that without the fear that she will be attacked in the media.

She just went on her honeymoon for goodness' sake! If ever there was a time to indulge, it would be on a honeymoon.

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All in all, these rumors are as ridiculous as they are offensive. Aniston is living a healthy lifestyle that we should be applauding, not criticizing. Women need more healthy examples of real women in the spotlight, and Aniston has always been a petite, in-shape vision.

Those critics need to spend less time in front of their computers staring at pictures of Aniston and more time trying to discover their own healthy lifestyles. I'd like to see full body shots of them posted online in tight workout clothes.