Miley Cyrus branded 'thirsty' for suggestive topless picture (PHOTO)

Sep 4, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. ET
Image: Apega/

By now the world has come to learn that Miley Cyrus likes being nude — a lot. From her barely there outfits to her countless topless selfies, Cyrus likes to let it all hang out. But her latest pic is causing outrage among fans.

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Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Cyrus posted a topless photo of herself lying on her bed, her breasts are clearly evident, but she appears to have blurred out the nipple — which is not surprising given Instagram's strict no-nipple policy.

The "Wrecking Ball" hit maker has already received more than 24,000 comments on her snap, but many fans feel she has crossed the line, with comments ranging from "Ew" to "I find [this] disturbing."


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Some fans have commented on the picture, telling Cyrus she needs to cover up, while others are just wondering what's going on with her.

"We all have boobs...not only u so we dont [sic] want to see urs [sic] miley," user lolo_something wrote. Other comments include, "This is the thirstiest thing she's ever posted," "Really Miley? What is going on with you? #hot #emberassing [sic]," "Wtf?" and "You ruined yourself."

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Cyrus has made it pretty clear she's not concerned about the public's opinion of her, so these comments are unlikely to affect her. But are they fair? Is it unfair to criticize everything Cyrus does and refer to her as "thirsty" and having "ruined" herself?

Let us know your thoughts on the pic in the comments below.

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