Teen Mom Leah Messer's rehab experience worsens, thanks to Corey Simms

Sep 4, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. ET
Image: MTV

Not only does Corey Simms not support Leah Messer's decision to spend time in rehab, he thinks it's OK to keep her children from her on Mother's Day. His behavior on tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2 once again ruffled the feathers of the show's fans.

After a whole lot of prodding from Jeremy Calvert, Messer finally made the right decision and checked into rehab. Unfortunately, she did not receive a whole lot of support from her ex and his new wife. During last week's episode of Teen Mom 2, the smug Simms couple called out Messer repeatedly for being a bad mother. Although plenty of the show's fans agree that Messer is not the ideal parent, they thought that it was unfair of her ex to kick her while she was down.

Simms' lack of sympathy became an even bigger issue after Messer finally showed up at rehab. The reality star desperately wanted to see her kids for Mother's Day, but Simms had other ideas. Unless he knew their exact location, he wasn't willing to let them see their mom. His reasoning? It was Messer's choice to leave her children behind and now she must suffer the consequences.

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In Simms' defense, his former mother-in-law was being a bit difficult when she dropped the girls off. It wouldn't be the end of the world for him to know where his ex was receiving treatment, but Messer's mom seemed to think that disclosing that particular tidbit was a bad idea. As a dad, he simply wanted to know where his kids would be while they were away from him. This is certainly understandable, but while inquiring about his children, he didn't need to bash Messer's recovery efforts.

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Messer eventually did get to take the girls to physical therapy, so at least she wasn't entirely barred from spending time with the ones she loves most. But taking the kids to an appointment and hugging them on Mother's Day are two different things.

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The Corey and Miranda Simms bashing has still not let up and, this week, the haters have fresh ammunition. During tonight's episode, several critics once again called out Messer's ex for not being supportive of her recovery efforts.


Dealing with an ex in rehab can't be easy, but a little sensitivity on Simms' part would go a long way. He needs to stop shaming Messer for her decision to get help.

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Should Corey Simms have let his kids see Leah Messer on Mother's Day? Or is his desire to know where his children are understandable? Comment and share your opinion below!