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Project Runway contestant stays silent when fat-shamed by peers

Decisions made in a team challenge malign designer Ashley and mystify judges and fans.

tim heidi paintball

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If you’re keeping track of wins this season, you know that so far, designer Ashley Nell Tipton has two. She’s an enduring favorite, and that’s why, when she’s picked last for paintball in this week’s team challenge, (over Amanda, who’s been in the bottom since the beginning of the season), fans on Twitter are frustrated and zero right in the motivation.
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Once the team of Ashley, Candice, Laurie, Lindsay and Kelly set out to create their collection, they realize they’re lacking cohesion. On his walk through the workroom, Tim tells them they “should be scared.” Ashley’s quiet, stinging from being picked last, and is also feeling directionless. Twitter panics, worried for her future in the competition if she continues to keep her mouth shut.

kelly osbourne project runway

Image: Lifetime

Before the runway show, Laurie tells Ashley she thinks the other women are planning to “throw her under the bus” in front of the judges. Ashley interviews that she’s fed up and that she can’t trust anyone.

On the runway, not surprisingly, it’s her team that’s in the bottom, and Amanda, Kelly and Candice vote for her to go home. Guest judge Kelly Osbourne sees through the clique-y drama of what Tim called “the most dysfunctional team in the history of the show.” (Yikes.) 

On Twitter, everyone takes a deep breath when Ashley’s called as safe and declares that the “mean girls” are getting what they deserve.

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Why do you think the other women picked on Ashley? What did you think of the winning look? Do you think the right person went home?

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