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Inside Avril Lavigne’s ‘bitter and sexless’ marriage

Avril Lavigne isn’t exactly brokenhearted over the end of her marriage to Chad Kroeger — in fact, one friend says she’s counting her lucky stars.

The star announced her separation from the Nickelback frontman on Instagram yesterday with “a heavy heart,” she said, but a source insists her heart is pretty light, actually, because she got out of what sounds like a terrible marriage full of jealousy and lacking any sort of sexual attraction.

“All that the two of them did in the past couple of months was fight because his career is basically over and he has been trying to stop her from reinventing herself like she is trying to do,” a source told Radar Online.

“She is more than okay right now, though, especially now that she is no longer in a bitter and sexless marriage with a man that she did not find attractive to begin with.”

Ouch! The insider was only slightly more gentle as he continued, “She fell in love with him for his artistic self and because he treated her like a princess, but the romance was almost non-existent from the beginning.

“Everyone advised her that you have to have passion to make a marriage work, but she didn’t want to listen because she was very intent on becoming this music industry power couple,” the friend said.

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Not that Kroeger is crying over his guitar. He was spotted partying with another woman in Miami last month, weeks before the separation became official.

“Chad and the woman had a VIP table in the club’s party pit,” a witness told People. “They ordered a bottle of Belvedere vodka for themselves. They were very much into each other and did not mingle with the crowd,” adding that they left together at 4:45 a.m.

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