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Ellen Pompeo complains about sexism while getting naked to sell magazines

Ellen Pompeo is the sexiest doctor you’ve ever seen on a new magazine cover, but that image is a little at odds with the statements about sexism she makes inside.

Pompeo is featured wearing an open lab coat and heels — and nothing more — on one of Entertainment Weekly‘s Shondaland Spectacular covers, honoring the leading ladies of Shonda Rhimes’ wildly popular TV shows.

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She looks beautiful, but posing in such a provocative manner — agreeing to trade on her looks to move magazine issues and raise her professional profile even higher — seems at odds with the staunch stance against sexism she takes in the interview.

First Pompeo complained about the sexist reaction some fans had to the death of her on-screen love McDreamy. “All of a sudden, Patrick [Dempsey] leaves, and it’s like, ‘Oh my God, ­Meredith’s gonna get killed with Alzheimer’s! The show couldn’t possibly go on ­without the man!'”

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Of course, she has a point. The entire show actually centers on the female protagonist’s life, and the male lead was a part of it but never the star. Not to mention the fact that any woman is perfectly capable of living well without a man.

There’s nothing wrong with nudity, of course, but such a purposely titillating image just seems counter to what she’s saying. When was the last time you showed up at the ER and a half-naked resident took your vitals? That’s right, never.

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