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Million Dollar Listing star shames haters for being ignorant

While Million Dollar Listing San Francisco just ended and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is about to begin, it is an agent from Million Dollar Listing New York who is catching fans’ interest after some very mean things were said to and about him.

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Fredrik Eklund is an extremely successful real estate agent in New York City and one of the original members of MDLNY. Fans love him because of his sweet personality, addictive sense of humor and hilarious high kicks. Not to mention, his gorgeous baby blues.

Eklund is also a gay man who is happily married, is expecting his first child, is committed to his friends and loves his dogs. He recently drew the unexpected hate of followers on his Facebook page, but he also responded, defending himself and his choices.

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When supposed fans of Eklund took to his Facebook page in order to post ridiculous, ignorant, hurtful and hateful things, Eklund responded with a very long post, addressing all of the issues for which he was being attacked. Not only did he stand up for himself and his husband, Derek, but he swatted down the haters and invited people to unfollow him if they hated him so much. He also stood up for all LGBT people everywhere who are attacked because of their orientation, as well as everyone who dreams about becoming a success simply because they work their behinds off and believe in themselves.

After writing his post, Eklund received thousands of comments from supporters thanking him for standing up to his haters and encouraging him to keep staying true to himself and to keep living his life the way that makes him happy.

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What do you think about Eklund taking this stand against the ignorant haters who purposely attacked him? Are you hoping to see him back on MDLNY?

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