Little Women: LA's Tonya Banks dishes on the value of friendship

Sep 4, 2015 at 10:55 a.m. ET
Image: Lifetime

Little Women: LA's Tonya Banks is the "Boss."


Jasmine keeps playing the victim, but she is very sarcastic and intrusive, and she thinks I am going to give in to her, but I am not. She was in the wrong and disrespectful and doesn't want to admit it or apologize. I don't bully her; I ignore her — she needs to get that part straight. She is always making sarcastic comments, so I respond the way Lil Boss responds, and she does not like how I retaliate.

Jasmine, stop crying and just apologize!

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GloZell and Pauly video

Filming the music video was so much fun and stress-free for me. The fact that Briana was a no-show was sort of a shock, but she is known for doing that. She is not one to depend on anymore. She's has been acting real brand-new. And I blame Matt.

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Double date

Elena and I have become pretty close because she understands me better than the other girls. Jaa and I were beating Preston and Elena during the race, but our car stalled out on us, and Elena and Preston won!!! But I am not one for losing, so I had to prove myself one on one with Elena — let her know who the real winner is! Dusted her butt!

Elena wants to know where my friendship stands with Jasmine, now that she has apologized.

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I'm honestly not sure and need to take this one day at a time. But, right now, it is too soon to be referring to her as my best friend.

I hope everyone enjoys the show! Keep watching to see our adventures, struggles, heartaches, pains and friendships. I thank all of my Lil Boss supporters and all the people who are not judging me for defending myself. And to the rest, you know you just love to hate me.