Teen Mom 2's Miranda Simms takes drastic action to avoid her haters

Sep 3, 2015 at 2:52 p.m. ET
Image: MTV

Miranda Simms was not very nice to Leah Messer during the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, but her haters on Twitter have arguably been just as cruel. In response to the barrage of social media criticism, Miranda has decided to switch to a private account, where she will no longer have to deal with put-downs from her haters.

Miranda Simms is not exactly the most likable person on Teen Mom 2. She's just one member of a cast that is chock-full of annoying people, so that's really saying something. During last week's shocking episode, the reality star courted a ton of criticism on social media by relentlessly calling out Leah Messer for her many parenting mistakes. Although Simms made a good point — Messer's no angel — it was unfair of her to kick the reality star while she was already down. The last time to go on the attack is after a clearly hurting person has finally decided to seek the help she so desperately needs.

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The moment Simms spoke out against Messer, she instigated a major backlash on Twitter. Although a few Teen Mom 2 fans conceded that Simms' complaints were valid (after all, it can't be easy picking up the mess Leah left behind), most thought that Corey's gal was far too harsh.


Annoyed with the haters, Corey Simms eventually took to Twitter to speak out in defense of his wife. He claimed that he and Miranda simply wanted to do what was best for the kids. This post didn't slow down the influx of angry messages, but it did serve as a rallying cry for the few fans still on Team Simms.


After a few days of berating from her many critics on Twitter, Simms decided that she just couldn't handle the social media hate. She opted for a private account, ostensibly in hopes of no longer having to hear about last week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

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Given the vitriol she's attracted on social media, it's no surprise that Simms has decided to switch to a private Twitter account. It can't be fun for the reality star to log in and witness countless hateful tweets. However, she should have expected nothing less when she decided to go on the attack and trash Messer. Cruelty is nothing new on Teen Mom, but Corey and Miranda's behavior was especially awful. Both would do well to apologize to Messer and try to be just a little more understanding in the future.

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What did you think of Corey and Miranda Simms' behavior on Teen Mom 2? Did they deserve to be called out on Twitter — or has the social media hate gone a bit too far? Comment and share your opinion below.