Bring It: Is Coach Dianna being crueler to the girls to up ratings?

Sep 4, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. ET
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Bring It's Dianna aims to strike fear in the hearts of her dancers, but that might not be the healthiest or most effective approach for her team. Is she yelling for the sake of yelling? Or for the sake of ratings?

In the real dance world, coaches are sometimes strict, but rarely outright cruel. But in the world of dance-based television, coaches and teachers begin a series as slightly mean and become crueler as time goes on. Everybody already knows about Abby Lee Miller's favoritism, harsh words and penchant for throwing chairs, but Dianna from Bring It appears to be going in the same direction.

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Dianna has never exactly had a laid-back personality, but as the pressure piles on and everybody goes after the Dancing Dolls, the coach is starting to take her hard-core form of "motivation" a bit too far. She is coming perilously close to crossing the line, and, arguably, her tactics will only shake the dancers' confidence and make it harder for them to shine as bright as they have in the past.

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Just as the ladies of Dance Moms speak out when they think Abby Lee is going over the top, the moms from Bring It have also decided to call Dianna out on her excessive yelling. They think the coach needs to back off a bit and return to the coaching style that worked so well in the past. Their demands really aren't that unreasonable: Stop using the clipboard as a whip, and scale back a bit on the screaming. When Dianna spends a full 20 seconds yelling without taking a breath, she's simply wasting valuable time that could be spent practicing for the next big performance.

There's nothing wrong with a coach calling out her dancers when they act up or fail to put forth sufficient effort. And it's certainly not unusual for coaches to raise their voices, as Coach D has been quick to point out. She believes that, if she goes too soft on the dancers, they'll suddenly transform from athletes to "pansies." However, purposefully trying to scare teenagers so that they play ball is cruel and, arguably, ineffective. There's a difference between respect for and fear of a coach. Dianna should not be striving for the latter option.

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Whenever a coach or a teacher on a reality TV series suddenly starts to amp up the yelling, fans begin to question whether her cruelty is really intended as a form of motivation, or rather, a means of giving the show's ratings a boost. Yelling isn't necessarily good for the development of a strong, confident dance team, but it does make for very entertaining television.

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Do you think Dianna needs to back off on the harsh coaching? Is she simply yelling for the sake of ratings? Sound off and join the conversation below!

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