ANTM's Dustin McNeer dishes on 'feeling fresh' in his man thong

Sep 3, 2015 at 9:24 a.m. ET
Image: The CW

I thought this was going to be a pretty easy challenge when I heard we were doing the OPPO photo shoot.

I was comfortable with how I looked because I was feeling fresh in my man thong, so I wasn't too stressed about that day! But then after hearing Yu Tsai's feedback, I was pretty nervous because if he didn't like my photo, then obviously that means I'll get a low score.

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Then, when I got back to the house, I saw I was second to the bottom and knew I had to do a lot better at the photo shoot to make up for it. On set, during the main shoot, I actually got pretty annoyed with Yu Tsai. They didn't want me smiling at all, so I was hoping that my frustration would make a good picture. Then it came to panel. Tyra said I may have been too much of an athlete rather than a model, but I disagree. I felt like I did a great job at the shoot, but I do understand when Miss J said I looked too short.

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So then Tyra started calling names, and it was getting close to the bottom, and I was so nervous! After everyone else was called, Hadassah and I stepped forward, and I seriously thought I was going to make it to the next round because it felt like she had been in the bottom so many times already! I figured I was at least better than her, Courtney, and Ava.

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In the end, though, I was pretty upset I didn't make it to the next round, but I know I'll do plenty of modeling in the future, thanks to the help of America's Next Top Model.

Were you sad to see Dustin eliminated on America's Next Top Model?