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RHONY‘s Sonja Morgan backpedals on insensitive Kristen Taekman comments

Is there a feud in the works?

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Sonja Morgan didn’t hold back when she spoke out about her Real Housewives of New York costar’s marriage drama.

But now, Morgan is saying that when she said she wasn’t surprised to learn Kristen Taekman’s husband had an account on the cheating website Ashley Madison, she thought she was speaking privately to a friend, not a reporter. Right.

“Egg on my face,” Morgan told NBC New York, days after she was quoted by Page Six as saying she “could see [the scandal] coming.”

The Page Six piece also said Morgan said she “didn’t like the way he was treating her” and he “chipped away at her self-esteem” when she was asked about the scandal that erupted around Kristen and Josh Taekman following a massive hack of Ashley Madison’s account holder data.

Now Morgan, who says she was at a magazine shoot when the quotes were taken, claims that “there were a lot of people there from the news, covering that event, and I was talking to someone — I thought privately.”

She continued, “I was just saying what everyone was saying, that they weren’t surprised. But I would never get in her business like that, normally. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

The real kicker? She went on to say she should “know better” than to talk that way about a costar, but also admitted she hasn’t apologized to Taekman, despite her frantic backpedaling to the media.

“I probably should do that, I should text her,” she said. “I know she knows I’m here if she wants to talk, but I don’t tend to stick my nose in other people’s business — though they do that to me!”

Clearly she never sticks her nose in other people’s business. We can definitely tell by the way she gossips, whether it’s in private, as she claimed, or to reporters at a media event.

Meanwhile, another RHONY costar has come to Josh’s defense.

“The Ashley Madison thing is unfortunate because Josh is completely innocent,” Heather Thomson, friend of both Kristen and Josh, told Us Weekly. “If you knew Josh the way I know him, you’d be completely like, ‘Of course he would sign up for that with this buddies!’ That’s a total Josh thing to do! He has a very fraternity side to him that I love.”

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Do you buy Morgan’s excuse? Or do you think she’s just backpedaling to make herself look better? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts!

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