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Bristol Palin shares update about her growing baby bump (PHOTO)

Bristol Palin is six months along into her second pregnancy.

And with the backlash she received from the announcement of her pregnancy, it is a surprise to see her posting any updates about her growing belly at all. But earlier this week, she posted a snap of her cradling her belly standing in a yard I know I’m jealous of and captioned it, “Start of my sixth month, feeling like a tannnkk already! Eek.”
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And where we would normally see endless comments about how terrible a person she is — for any number of ridiculous reasons — we see only love and support on her Instagram for the mother-to-be.

Comment after comment, fans are singing Palin’s praises, telling her she is beautiful and that she is an inspiration.

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One said, “You’re itty bitty!” And another said, “You look amazing!” Lots of others echoed these sentiments with lots of hearts and smiley face emoticons.

It is widely known that Palin monitors her accounts herself and often responds when she sees fit. Maybe the reason we don’t see the nastiness is that she has gotten really good at blocking and censoring people — or maybe people have truly begun to embrace the 24-year-old.

If that is the case and things continue to stay positive and troll-free, maybe we will see more frequent baby bump posts as she marches ever closer to her due date.

I do have to agree with her fans, though, she looks really good — and nothing like a tank!

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