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Our Little Family‘s Michelle Hamill shares the fate of her juicer

Let me first start off by saying this was a very fun episode of Our Little Family.

I like the fact that Jack is getting to the age where he can do more fun things with Dan and me. What I mean by that is he is old enough to do The Color Run with me and really enjoy it. He is not doing it because I am pushing him in a stroller and making him go along with me.

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I also know that Dan has been anxiously awaiting the day that Jack could join him on the golf course. One thing that we filmed that didn’t make air was a miniature golf outing that the entire family participated in. The idea was a practice run before Jack and Dan played in their Little People golf tournament. On the very first hole, Jack got a hole in one! It was either beginner’s luck or a stroke of genius. After that, it was difficult to keep up with the precedent that Jack set!

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The Color Run was a very empowering event. It was a true representation of people from all walks of life —young and old, fit and not so fit, literally all levels of physical capability. Yet on this day, everyone came together and had a great time while moving toward a healthier lifestyle. The kids had a great time, and so did Alie and I. We definitely will be doing it every year. Maybe even next year the girls will be ready to participate… maybe not!

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I also loved the idea of juicing, I wish I loved the reality as much! I have to confess I have already given away the juicer.

Did you watch the last episode of Our Little Family? Did Michelle Hamill and her family encourage you to eat healthier?

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