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RHOC‘s Vicki Gunvalson blogs all about Meghan’s nasty behavior at the luncheon

Vicki Gunvalson has had enough of Meghan Edmonds needling her about her partner Brooks Ayers and his decision to stop chemo as he battles cancer.

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In a new blog post, Gunvalson revealed that she thinks Edmonds has been overstepping her boundaries for far too long, “and I’ve had it. Enough is enough,” she writes.

“I am ‘normally’ a calm happy person, however this constant needling me about Brooks’ cancer and his choice of treatment is really wearing on me,” Gunvalson explained. “This is such a new territory for me, to constantly have to talk about and defend someone that I love who has cancer is unbelievable. I grew up in the Midwest. Where I come from if a family member or someone close is diagnosed with cancer the community comes together, starts prayer chains, and delivers CASSEROLES.”

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“It is ignorant, immature and naive of Meghan to think chemo is the only option to treat cancer,” Gunvalson added.

Gunvalson even goes so far as to say she thinks Ayers has been purposely targeted this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County to make a pretty drab season more interesting.

It’s important to note that the show is a few months behind reality. Gunvalson has just recently ended her relationship with Ayers, and rumors are swirling that he cheated on her again.

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The couple released a joint statement regarding the breakup, saying, “After much prayer, thought, counseling and consideration, we have decided to end our four year relationship. We both wish nothing but a great future for each other. We have come to realize that one can indeed love someone in their heart, but that the time may come for their lives to take separate paths. Though the remaining episodes of Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Orange County will show us as a couple, the filming took place in January 2015 through May 2015. There will be no further statements or interviews regarding our relationship as we choose to move on with our lives.”

There are now even rumors that Ayers faked his cancer diagnosis.

Do you think Vicki Gunvalson has a right to be so angry with Meghan Edmonds?

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