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Kim Zolciak attacked on new pic for the most absurd reason (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak is no stranger to online hate. In fact, she’s probably come to expect that every time she posts a selfie, a backlash will ensue. But this time the former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has come under fire for a bizarre reason.

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Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Zolciak posted a full-length selfie of herself standing in a bathroom mirror — and fans have slammed her for her pose.

Yes, you read that correctly, the way that Zolciak posed has come under fire, with people accusing her of standing that way to get a “thigh gap” and saying that she looks “stupid.”

Comments include, “U look f***in stupid standing like this get off my feeds,” “Seriously stand normal!” “She always takes pics with one of her ankles kicked out…helps with that “thigh gap” look…,” and “Omg stop standing like that.”

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Really, it seems critics are getting overly picky these days. There are worse things in the world than the way Kim Zolciak stands, no?

Another fan went on to blast Zolciak for lying about having a thigh gap, writing, “She stands like that to have a thigh gap. She does not have one despite what she said. Idk why she pretends to have one bc her body is amazing & she has 6 kids! Seriously though #stopstandinglikethat!”

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However, Zolciak does have some fans in her corner, and user angelalowery65 is one of them. The person wrote, “WOW!!! To the Women on here bashing her!!! Get over your Damn self!! Get off your butts and get out there and do something with your life!! You Women who are bashing her and freaking tearing her Down. She is the one who made it with all the odds against her! But she did it! And I am proud of her.”

Surely, if Kim Zolciak annoys you so much, then it would be a good idea to stop following her, right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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