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Miley Cyrus’ new pics are even more shocking than her VMAs performance

There’s freeing the nipple — and then there’s this.

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Miley Cyrus has definitely never been shy about her body. The former Disney star has been flaunting it all ever since she was legally able to do so. At this point, who on the Internet hasn’t seen her boobs and, well, everything else, too?

That’s why it’s such a surprise that Miley Cyrus continues to out-raunch Miley Cyrus. Her newest photo spread, for Interview magazine, is by far the most NSFW thing she’s ever done. If you thought she was pushing boundaries with her outfits — and a wardrobe malfunction that included a missing nipple pasty — at the MTV Video Music Awards last weekend, you clearly haven’t seen these photos.

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The shoot is set up as a sexting FaceTime session between Cyrus and fashion photographer Mert Alas, which is probably all you really need to know.

Some of the tamer pics show Cyrus standing topless next to a guitar and licking the floor in nothing but a black G-string. Yes, you read that right. Those are the tame ones. Seriously.

The extra-raunchy photo, sure to generate more headlines than the others in the spread, shows Cyrus lying topless on the floor, FaceTiming with Alas, pleasuring herself with her hand between her legs.

The issue hits stands Sept. 8. Leading up to that, Interview‘s editor-in-chief, Keith Pollock, sat down with E! News to talk about Cyrus’ spread, which is obviously going to be controversial.

“What we’re seeing is self-portraits, essentially,” he said. “In some cases they’re selfies, and in some cases they’re these highly produced shoots. With Miley, specifically, we did a selfie FaceTime series. We weren’t surprised by the images that we got back. Miley has a reputation for pushing boundaries, and that’s exactly what we got back. There were images that we couldn’t use for the cover; let’s put it that way. But our magazine is provocative, and we’re OK with pushing boundaries.”

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Do you think Cyrus has gone too far with this shoot? Or is she just bein’ Miley? Sound off down in the comments.

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