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Ronda Rousey has a warning for her Marine Corps date

It looks like Ronda Rousey has a date.

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But the famous UFC fighter is laying out some rules first.

In a video taken by Splash News Online, Rousey is asked by the interviewer what she thinks about a video that’s gone viral on Facebook, which shows U.S. Marine Jarrod Haschert asking her to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball in December.

You are my celebrity crush,” Haschert proclaims in the video, which has millions of views. “I love everything that you do. I think that you are a phenomenal person, which is why it would be my honor to take you to the Marine Corps Ball. I really hope this doesn’t get in the way of your training for your next fight, but I hope you take this in consideration, because if you do, you would truly be making my dream come true.”

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In her interview, Rousey tells a reporter that she’d be happy to be Haschert’s date, but under one condition.

“I saw screenshots of it, but I thought, ‘I can’t go anyway because I’m in camp, but the fight got moved. So I actually can go, but I don’t know how to hit him up and say, ‘Yeah, I would go with you,'” Rousey said. The catch? “He’s cute! But he’s got to be a gentleman. I’m not a first date kind of a girl.”

Sounds reasonable for a date, right?

Rousey continues on to turn the camera on her three friends and say she expects Haschert to find dates for her girls, too. But we’re sure he knows plenty of other eligible Marines, so that should be no problem.

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Did you see the viral video by Haschert asking Rousey to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball? Did you think she’d say yes? Are you surprised that it looks like she’s planning to go? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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