Exclusive Interview: MDLSF's Justin Fichelson dishes on the other agents

Sep 2, 2015 at 12:15 p.m. ET
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Recently, we got to sit down with Million Dollar Listing: San Francisco agent, Justin Fichelson, and ask him some serious, and some not-so-serious questions about the show and about himself. Not knowing what to expect, we were thrilled to find that he is just as funny in person as he is behind the camera. As Season 1 concludes, find out what Fichelson has to say about the show, Roh, Andrew and his love life.

SheKnows: Someone told me that you look like a mix of Frodo from Lord of the Rings and Matthew McConaughey. Who have people told you look like?

Justin Fichelson: I got the Frodo one, especially when I was growing up. I never heard Matthew McConaughey, but I take it as a compliment. [laughs]

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SK: Tell us what you really think about Andrew and Roh.

JF: Andrew is very nice. He has his own company. He does a lot of stuff in the East Bay and stuff here. I like Andrew, I get along with him. I have never really had problems with Andrew. We don't hang out all the time, but we are definitely friends.

Roh is pretty much new to the business. He doesn't live in the city, and he doesn't understand the culture that is San Francisco. He just doesn't understand it. It is a low-key culture, and coming in and attacking everyone else, including myself, is probably not the best strategy. If he worried about himself more, he would do more deals.

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SK: At the end of last week's episode, ROH was so unprofessional and out of line in front of your client. Was there anything viewers didn't see?

JF: I am glad you said he was out of line. What is wrong with him? He is such an idiot! There are some things that aren't in there. He just kind of attacked me. I barely know him, but he must see me as a big threat. He doesn't even know me. He keeps continuously saying that I have a silver spoon and this or that, but he doesn't know what he is talking about, about anything. He just kind of says things. Where he lives is so far removed from San Francisco, it is not a normal suburb of the city where people are going to live. How do you sell multimillion-dollar houses in San Francisco when you are living in Hayward? You can't.

SK: They have never before let the viewers hear the questions that the producers ask, which is what is so great about this season. What did you think of those questions?

JF: I loved it. The executive producer is amazing. She is the same executive producer as Million Dollar Listing: NY and is nominated for her second Emmy for that. She is great, and I think the response has been great from everyone because it shows you behind the scenes a little bit.

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SK: On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your experience on MDL?

JF: I had a great experience. It was fun to do, it has been life-changing. It has been great to meet people. All around, I thought it was great. I would absolutely do it again. The only downer is having to spend time with Roh.

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SK: So you will definitely be back for Season 2?

JK: Yes, they haven't confirmed a second season. I am sure they will ask me, I am not worried about that; so when they do, yes.

SK: What is your current relationship status?

JF: Technically single.

SK: Have you gone out with Stephanie yet?

JF: We hang out, we are good friends.

SK: Just friends?

JF: Well kind of, we will see what happens.

SK: What did you really think of Chammy?

JF: People are eccentric. Chammy is an odd thing, cherry marmalade. To each his own. I think Spanx sounds like a weird idea, too, so maybe Chammy will take off.

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SK: You handled the mannequins having sex on the bed well. How embarrassing was that and what were the other brokers' real reactions?

JF: I just kind of went with it. It is San Francisco, so the other brokers didn't think much. We have naked people walking down the street sometimes. [laughs]

SK: Have you spoken to Kevin since he moved on with his listing? Did he ever sell it and for how much?

JF: We did, and we used to be really good friends, but we aren't particularly close now. He never did sell his property. He should have taken the offer and then maybe Chammy would be on the market. [laughs]

SK: When you are not working, what do you do for fun?

JF: I work seven days a week now, all the time. If I get a little break, I like to go to Big Sur. Either with a girl, or just a friend.

SK: You were voted "Most Likely to Be a Millionaire" in high school. Have you succeeded?

JF: Um, yeah! I would say yes. I have only been working in real estate for three years, but let's just say yes. [laughs]

Million Dollar Listing: San Francisco Justin Fichelson and Sharon Stone

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SK: You have done several charity benefits lately. Tell us about them and other charities you are passionate about.

JF: I am on the board of the Exploratory Lab, which raises money for the Exploratorium, which is one of the leading interactive science museums in the world. Then I am involved in the Fine Arts Museum. Different charities, including one with Sharon Stone, that I was invited to. I get involved with different charities, but those are the main ones. I am going to the opening of the opera with Alan Malouf (the dentist/client) and the Hiltons.

SK: Anything else you want to tell your fans?

JK: Well, I don't pay for people to follow me, but I would like more followers on social media. Would you ask everyone to please follow me?

You can find Justin on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Follow him and say hello! Then be sure you tune in to the Season 1 finale tonight on Bravo TV at 10/9c.