Fans skeptical of Kim Zolciak's 'unedited' glam shot (PHOTO)

Sep 1, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. ET
Image: Entertainment Tonight YouTube

Kim Zolciak is not shy about posting selfies.

Makeup-free, topless, with her family... there are countless. And the comments, rumors, love and hate are bottomless to go with those posts. Her most recent photo is no different.

On Tuesday afternoon, the reality TV star posted an "unedited" topless photo that is causing quite the stir online.

She captioned the pic, “Unedited photo from last weeks [sic] photo shoot with my favorite @mrdblanks."


While there is no question that Zolciak is gorgeous, the unedited claim is a little suspect.

The mother of six’s body appears more than perfect. Her skin is smoother than smooth and although there is clearly some lighting on her, fans just don't see how this isn't Photoshopped.

One person said, "I believe that is unedited as much as I believe she is 37."

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Another cleverly stated, “Hahahahahah TOTALLY unedited!! hahahaha."

One Insta-commenter said, "@kimzolciakbiermann is ALL about keeping is real! & woman empowerment! So why lie about a little old thing like photo edits! That we ALL now are done in professional photos…? Unnecessary lying #ijs [sic]."

And while I don’t fully believe there hasn’t been some touching up to this particular pic, what most fans are commenting on is all the work they think she's (clearly) had done.

One person said, "It's not edited… But he [sic] body has been. Not hating I’m all for it, but just saying."

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Most don't think it's a big deal that she's had work done or if the photo is edited, but they just want Zolciak to keep it real.

Many commenters mentioned that, as a mother of six, she should have better priorities than taking so many selfies, with one saying, "Go take care of your kiddos." I would counter those comments with the fact that she is a reality star and makes a living from these selfies, but I kind of see their point.

So, Kim, listen: Your fans don’t care if you edit your photos or that you’ve had plastic surgery, but they clearly want you to be real with them.

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