Little Women: Terra's Little Family exclusive preview: Terra and Joe say 'I do'

Sep 2, 2015 at 8:32 a.m. ET

The moment all fans have been waiting for on Little Women: Terra's Little Family is finally here!

It has been a long couple of years since fans first met Terra and Joe on Little Women: LA and went on their journey of romance with them. The couple has become more solid every episode and has found ways to work through every problem they have encountered. Along the way, they even had a precious baby girl of their own, which helped spawn the spin-off, Little Women: Terra's Little Family.

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This season, while giving us an inside look at what it has been like to raise Penelope and tackle any possible health problems she might have, Terra and Joe have also been planning their wedding! Terra's dream wedding was planned in a matter of just a few months with the help of a wedding organizer, and the finale episode tonight finally gives viewers a chance to share in the newlyweds' joy.

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Despite hurdles while preparing for the wedding, including Joe missing the wedding rehearsal and almost missing the rehearsal dinner because he flew back to California to do a gig with his band, the wedding will finally take place tonight! However, there are still questions left to answer. Will the chance of thunderstorms ruin Terra's dream of an outdoor wedding? Will Penelope cry through the nuptials? Will Joe and Terra finally get to say, "I do," in front of all their friends and family?

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This will sadly be the last episode of Season 1 for Little Women: Terra's Little Family. Fans will get to see more of Terra and Joe as there are several more weeks of Little Women: LA to come.

Will you be watching the big wedding episode of Little Women: Terra's Little Family tonight? What are you most excited to see? Let us know!