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Kim Zolciak’s new selfie could prove she hasn’t had plastic surgery (VIDEO)

Kim Zolciak just shared a new selfie video of her and her daughter Brielle flaunting their identical hair colors, and it’s impossible not to notice their hair is far from the only similarity.

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The two practically look like twins in the photo, which is either a testament that Zolciak has a really great plastic surgeon or actually hasn’t had any plastic surgery on her face at all, like she claims.

In the video, the two are giving their best duck-lipped smolders for the ultra-close-up look at the duo.

Zolciak captioned the video, “Creepy… filming with mini @briellebiermann missing @arianabiermann school 1st Sugga #UmmIMeanSheIsMyDaughter #NoMauryNeeded”

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Zolciak insists that she’s never had a procedure on her face, specifically a nose job. But fans aren’t buying it. Even Andy Cohen called her out for it during his program Watch What Happens Live, saying she’s had a little shaved off her nose and that her lips look bigger. Zolciak just rolled her eyes and gave a curt, “No,” in response.

“I hear this all the time, but I want people to understand, I had a baby in 2011, one in ’12 and two in 2013. So I think the weight of all that… but I mean, no, I haven’t,” the reality star explained.

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She does admit that she’s had her boobs and her tummy done, saying she even did it on her show. Plus, she’s a fan of Botox.

And Zolciak has used her Instagram account multiple times to post photos trying to prove that the “button nose” runs in her family and is all genetics. It is hard to argue it once you see her and daughter Brielle side by side in that video.

Has Zolciak finally convinced you she hasn’t had a nose job or lip injections?

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