Our Little Family's exclusive preview: Spinach pizza is healthy, right?

Sep 1, 2015 at 11:22 a.m. ET

On Our Little Family this week, Michelle sets out to try to get her family to eat healthier and takes the kids along with her to the health food grocery store, and Jack's reactions to some of Michelle's ideas are classic.

You always know that 6-year-old Jack will provide an entire episode of laughs with his innocent insight into any situation that he finds himself in. This week's episode of Our Little Family is no different. During the episode, Michelle will journey with a friend and the three kids into a health food store and tries to get them interested in food that will help them feel better, have more energy and live longer. The girls are going along happily, but Jack is having none of it.

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At one point, Michelle asks Jack what he thinks would be healthier to eat, spinach or pizza? In typical Jack fashion, he makes everyone around laugh by offering a compromise, spinach pizza! After all, adding spinach to pizza makes the pizza healthy, right?

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Then she tries to get him to drink wheatgrass, which he barely sniffs and refuses to drink. He was clearly the smart one, you will see, because Michelle wasn't a fan either! When Michelle tries to persuade him, telling him it to "do it for energy," Jack informs his mom that he is "full of energy!" That is a fact that all fans have seen and love about Jack.

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Even Dan gets into the action by saying he is trying to become healthier and that Michelle is trying to make him live longer. He lets viewers know he has cut out caffeine, and Michelle is quick to point out that he still needs to cut out diet soda. We wonder if she made him try wheatgrass yet, or spinach pizza?

Tonight's episode is definitely one not to miss! Tune in to TLC at 10/9c to spend an hour with the Hamill family, and to laugh uncontrollably. Don't forget to look for Michelle's exclusive blog only on SheKnows.com tomorrow morning.