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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans receives harsh criticism for ‘degrading’ pic (PHOTO)

It’s no secret that Teen Mom stars are getting into the promotional business on social media, but Jenelle Evans’ recent picture is taking heat for a whole new reason.

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Evans posted a picture of herself in a bikini and a waist trainer, which she captioned, “Waist training every day of the week has been helping and helped my look at the Vmas with @waistedbykeke Use code ‘jenelle10’ for a discount.”

And critics have reacted to the picture by slamming Evans for being “desperate for attention” and a “bimbo.”

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One critic wrote, “Ok now you’re getting ridiculous. Give it up. You looked hot on the first 77 pics.” Another fan agreed, saying, “yeah’re getting way to desperate for attention.”

Evans has also been slammed for her choice of outfit, with comments including, “she’s starting to look like every generic bimbo on Instagram,” “is there really a need to wear the skimpiest bra possible with breast hanging out to promote a waste [sic] trainer? She is really degrading herself…she’s beautiful…why not promote a more classy image…,” and “priming us for her playboy debut.”

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But it’s not just her scantily clad body that has drawn criticism because her previous drug use has also been drudged up. One user wrote that Evans was looking “old” to which another user, _maegan, responded, “drugs will do that to you. And she’s young though.”

Jenelle Evans is a public figure, and she does put herself out there, but is the harsh criticism over her appearance really deserved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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